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Bhutan’s unspoilt culture and traditions, Mahayana Buddhism, beautiful landscapes and mountains,

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A Real Family Atmosphere

I first learned about Bhutan in Johan Kramer's documentary "The Other Final" about a football match between Bhutan and Montserrat, the then-lowest ranked teams in the FIFA World Rankings. The game was played in the Changlimithang Stadium, Thimphu, Bhutan. Bhutan won the game 4–0. The more I read about Bhutan the more I came to learn that it's best to go in Autumn for clear skies, birds, and views of the snow capped Himalayas, and best to go in spring for some of the big festivals. We decided to plump for spring and travel from East to West, first taking in the Festival or Chorten Kora, and lastly attending the festival at Paro.

Travelling with a pregnant wife and 1 year old son we were a little apprehensive, but Bhutan Green Travel supplied a nanny called Yeshey free of charge and our driver, Dorji too extra care to drive slowly on the bumpy roads so that my wife was as comfortable as possible. Our guide, Dangsa always made sure my son had anything he wanted at the hotels to make our trip as easy as possible. He was always phoning ahead in advance to ask what foods they could make, and every time we arrived he had something he would definitely eat.

From being picked up at Guwahati airport to saying goodbye 18 days later in Paro we had a real family atmosphere. Especially in the East, tourists are mainly 50 - 70 years old and in quite a serious frame of mind to not miss anything, wake up early and take as many photographs as possible with big heavy cameras. For us, we were more about having fun, relaxing and enjoying the experience. We made great friends with all hotel staff, spoke to local children, stopped for butter tea, and the odd beer in local shops and bars, paddled in the icy cold rivers, played a lot of snooker, and even made a workout video using rocks and bamboo that became famous on the internet! We had lots of random requests that Dangsa, Dorji and Yeshey always worked hard to make possible.

Also, with guides being mandatory we were a little concerned it could be like in China where you are constantly chaperoned. This was not the case, if we wanted free time to walk around by ourselves that was fine too.

Overall we had a great 18 day tour of Bhutan, thanks to Dangser's excellent knowledge. We learned a lot about the country, the temples, Dzongs and Buddhism Dangser is so enthusiastic about being a guide, sometimes we had to stop him to find seats because he was talking for so long. We especially liked his version of the story of the '4 friends'. Dangser had his serious side when explaining the spiritual side of Bhutan, but on the road he was all jokes and he and driver Dorji were a great double act.

Everywhere we went we all prayed for a safe delivery of our 2nd baby in June, and when both boys are older we'd love to come back to Bhutan for a trekking holiday with

Bhutan Green Travel. Hopefully then there will be flights via Hong Kong so it's a little easier to get there from Tokyo.

Kieran, Saki and Baby Alexander, Tokyo, Japan

The Holiday We Wished For

Dear Chekey,

Thank you so much for being a fantastic guide on our wonderful Bhutan holiday. Everything has been a lot of fun, but also well organised and interesting. We have had the holiday we wished for – Bhutan is a very special place – and we hope to return sometime in the future to explore more of it.

Thank you for your good company and for making our trip such a special one. Kadrinche!

P.S. Thanks for the chillies!
P.P.S. Don’t tease the animals.
P.P.P.S. More rice!?

With love from
Tom and Louisa, England, UK

Awesome Travel Arrangements

Many thanks for the awesome travel arrangements and for making sure we were fine during the whole trip. It's been a week since we're back and we're still raving about the Bhutan trip. We truly had a great experience!

Again, thanks and kudos!


Jane and Joy, USA

The Most Incredible Vacations

Thank you so much for a truly magical trip to Bhutan. It was one of the most incredible vacations of my life. I hope to see you again there soon!

All the best,

Todd, USA

Quality of Accommodation & Guides/Drivers

We are totally surprised at quality of accommodation and even more surprised at the quality of the 4 guides/drivers – extremely knowledgeable about the sites + what gifts shops are good & whole country. Excellent ability to be aware of our needs – even before we are! The car was very comfortable & clean. The guides happy to answer all of our questions. The country very spectacular. We appreciate the pace that we were allowed to go & really hope this did not upset/inconvenience the ‘program’. The food was generally great with great choice of lunch restaurants. Red rice, tomatoes, mushrooms, honeys, Bhutanese thingay (pepper) were all some of the best ever eaten – and we’ve eaten a lot! Twice (that I know off) something had to be shuffled around – Hotels – Punakha – Wangdue & Thimphu to another hotels that had 2 consecutive nights, which we appreciate – all handled very professionally. My mother & I both felt safe & “in good hands” with the driving. The last thing you need is to feel anxious, so happy that we were able to be squeezed on to the Bhutan Green Travel schedule.

Excellent craft shop in Thimphu – after lunch – Lungta Handicraft – great range prices.

We have both enjoyed our holiday very much. Bhutan has been a lovely country to visit. Thank you for all your thoughtful help.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Robyn and Rebecca, Australia

The Most Unforgettable Trip

Dear Bhutan Green Travel Team Members,

I have to say that my trip to Bhutan in last October/November was one of the most unforgettable trips by far. Amazing nature, beautiful people, rich culture and you guys are the major part of it. Your warmth hospitality, kind understanding and flexibility...and the cheerfulness... really made my trip so fun and relaxing. I cannot wait till the next trip back to your wonderful country and to travel with you guys again! Thank you.

Jennifer Lam & Group, Singapore

Bhutan: Heaven on Earth
Great Tour Guide and Experienced Driver

Dearest Chekey and Uncle Kinga,

Visiting Bhutan was a dream come true for my family, friends and I. It is indeed heaven on earth. We were awed by the beauty of your land, the tall green pine trees, the ever blue crystal-clear rivers and especially the very, very clean air, which welcomed us when we got out of the plane. We were welcomed by our guide, Chekey and our driver, Uncle Kinga, and we were given a very comfortable coaster even though we were a small group of 8. Chekey took the trouble to make sure that all of us were comfortable throughout our journey and he did a wonderful job in organizing our holiday. We visited Paro, Thimpu and Punakha.

The hike up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery was challenging and uplifting. The cool and fresh air plus the beauty of the pine and spruce forest was worth the hike. We were humbled by the simplicity and hospitality shown by the locals and the monks as they encouraged us to move on until we reached the monastery.

I would also like to commend on both Chekey and Uncle Kinga’s patience and concern about our well-being when we hike up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. I guess we were the slowest group ever to reach the monastery. My daughter was not well and Uncle Kinga took care of her and led the horse she was riding. All in all we took eight hours to complete this feat. The locals take only 2 hours. It was challenging but worth it. What a great feeling when we finally reached the monastery!

I would also like to express my gratitude to both of them because they took my daughter in the middle of the night to the hospital in Thimphu when she was not well. The doctor and nurses in the emergency ward were efficient and my daughter was immediately put on drips. Throughout the three hours in the hospital, Uncle Kinga was in the ward with my daughter and me while Chekey was with my husband waiting in the lobby. I will never forget their kind assistance towards us. My daughter recovered and was able to enjoy the rest of the trip happily. Bhutan is a unique country. Medical service is free for all even tourists.

The hotels booked by Chekey were good. We truly enjoyed our two-night stay at The Raven’s Nest Resort, which is a 4-star hotel in Paro. The restaurants that Chekey took us for our meals were fantastic and we tasted all kind of Bhutanese food, which were mouth-watering.

I would also like to mention that Uncle Kinga is a very experienced driver especially when we drove through the Dachula Pass. The narrow and winding mountainous roads were being widened and there were long jams along the journey. Uncle Kinga maneuvered the coaster with great expertise and none of us had motion sickness.

The places that Chekey took us to visit were beautiful. He also took us to places that were not even in the itinerary like the Dzong where the King and Queen got married. We even got a chance to walk across on one of the oldest hanging bridge in Thimpu. We even had the opportunity to go to the river to see the migratory birds. What an experience!

Bhutan is a very beautiful country with awesome views of snow-capped mountains. The sky is blue and the air is clean. People here are polite, friendly and humble. I will surely visit Bhutan again and I will definitely recommend Bhutan Green Travel to my friends and to those who are interested in visiting Bhutan because of their employees’ great service and commitment to their guests.

To Chekey and Uncle Kinga, we have become friends and thank you for making our trip a memorable one.

Evon Yew & Group, Malaysia

Interesting and Unique Country

Dear Ugyen Tenzin,

Thank you very much for a great 12-day trip from west to East of Bhutan. What an interesting and unique country with its own culture, architecture, nature, religion and customs. Thank you for explaining so much of it to me and for giving me an insight into your Buddhistic culture and religion. Thank you for being polite, helpful and considerate throughout the whole trip. Also our driver has been wonderful, so patient and good throughout all the long windy drives.

It was wonderful to see also some of the animals on our trip: the yaks, black-necked crane, monkeys and even a golden langur. The next time, I certainly would like to do some trekking into the countryside. And I would be very happy to have you as my guide again. I wish you all the best.

Dr Iris Simon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well Experienced In All Forms Of Travel

We highly recommend Bhutan Green Travel, a local Bhutanese travel company. It is a small outfit run by Chekey Gyeltshen, a mature, gregarious, fun-loving 28 year-old guy who is well experienced in all forms of travel in Bhutan including cultural tours and trekking. Chekey manages the company efficiently and was always prompt in replying to our email enquiries. He is also the tour guide so there is a good personal touch to his efforts.

We undertook a 14 day cultural tour in November 2013 that included two festivals in central Bhutan as well as a number of significant sites. Transport was by a newish, comfortable SUV that handled the winding and sometimes rocky roads very well. Our driver Birkha Gurung was an older, very experienced and careful person who had good mechanical knowledge and experience which he used to assist another tour group encountering mechanical problems.

We were flexible with our itinerary which proved beneficial as we were able to include some ‘extras’ which Chekey organised along the way. One was a visit to his auntie’s house in Thimphu where about 10 monks were performing a blessing ceremony and where we were able to taste butter tea and some local snack foods. Another was a visit to a farmhouse in Bumthang where we tried archery and darts followed by a hot stone bath, a great traditional home-cooked meal and local ‘wine’.

All of our 3-star hotels were fine and Chekey managed to upgrade our room on a few occasions due to his wide network of contacts. His choice of places to eat was very good, along with the picnics he organised in the countryside. Chekey was also sensitive to my need for a helping hand on many occasions due to my slight disability in one leg. He also supplied formal traditional dress of his own for my partner to wear to one of the festivals we attended.

Payment for the tour, visas and Druk Air flights was easily made by way of international money transfer from our Australian bank account to the Bhutan Central Bank which holds payment to the tour companies until after satisfactory completion of travel by their clients.

In summary, we were extremely happy with Bhutan Green Travel. Our bottom line is if you want to have a great time in Bhutan CHECK OUT CHEKEY!

Maree & Ian Millar, Brisbane, Australia

One Of The Best Trips Of Our Lives!!

Dear Chekey,

Our experience with your company Bhutan Green Travel was absolutely perfect from start to finish. The services you provided us with were extremely professional, in addition to being such a wonderful guide – and to us a new friend in our lives.

The driving experience was also brilliant, given that *boss* is such an excellent and experienced driver!!

All the places we visited, the accommodation and food provided reflected the great care you had towards making our holidays the very best possible! The information you gave us throughout the entire journey was also excellent and all in all contributed to making this trip surely one of the best of our lives!!

We both wish you all the very best and hope to see you soon!!!

Emilia and Magnus, Sweden

One That We Will Never Forget!

This has truly been the trip of a lifetime – one that we will never forget. We feel very privileged and grateful that you and Kota have shared with us so much about this wonderful country – the culture, the people, the environment and more. We have learnt so much over the past 12 days and are very sad this is our last day. Thank you for looking after us so fantastically and for making even the long and bumpy road trips fun and jolly! Everything was just terrific, thanks to your excellent organization, knowledge, warmth, kindness & of course, humour! Nothing was too difficult for you from finding us a USB stick to organizing the best mushroom and chilli pizza ever! Bhutan is a beautiful country with beautiful people and we would love to come back to see you again - next time for a trek, to find a Yeti, and to eat more and more chillis! Wishing you health and happiness always.

We highly recommend Mr. Chekey Gyeltshen and Mr. Dangsa Kota, and Bhutan Green Travel for anyone contemplating a trip to Bhutan.

Angela Dixon, Sydney, Australia and Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia

Life-Changing Experience!

My journey to Bhutan was nothing short of a life-changing experience. I went seeking inner peace. What I got back was so much more. Beauty in every step I took, culture, spirituality, and happiness I have not experienced anywhere else. I even made new friends! The country and its people were a pure joy to experience – friendly faces, respect and natural beauty in every step I took. It was a land of enchantment that I hope to return to many times. Thank you to my guide, Chekey, for making me feel so welcome and showing me the hidden treasures of this amazing country!

Jennifer Thompson, Minnesota, USA

Full Satisfaction

We had a very nice stay in Bhutan owing to Bhutan Green Travel Agency and its team. We thank you a lot for this.

The first point we would like to point is the quality of the team who accompanied us during our stay: very professional, very friendly, fully involved in our satisfaction and always taking care of us. We have travelled all over the world and would have liked to find such a team in the other countries we visited!

The selection of hotels was good by mixing very confortable ones with simple guest houses but always with a very good quality of service and relationship.

The food was rather good but may be not very varied from one day to the other, although well adapted to tourist tastes, not too spicy…

The selection of sites to visit was good also; we feel having visited the best points in Bhutan.

The only point upon which we were a little disappointed is the festivals: this was supposed to be the high point of our travel and finally we attended shows with local people, not professional and among a lot of tourists; may be the information should be better delivered so that people do not expect too much about them - no over promises!

However, globally we spent a very nice time in Bhutan and will really recommend to visit your wonderful country. We will also write to guide books about your agency. We thank you very much for all the experiences you allowed us to live and wish you a good success for the future.

Jacques Lacroix & Group, Veyrier-du-Lac, France

Ideal Tour Company

Bhutan Green Travel was the ideal tour company for me. I teach geography at a university and have previously organized three different group tours to my dissertation research area in Mexico's remote Sierra Madre mountains. Proprietor Chekey Gyeltshen was relentlessly cheerful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about local culture and environment and understanding the client's individual interests. Bhutan Green Travel is ideal for those interested in seeing pristine landscapes and truly remarkable religious sites in one of the most unique countries on earth.

William Forbes, Texas, USA

Adaptability of Tour

I enjoyed very much my Bhutan tour, and in it, the memorable Sakteng area trek which was not too tiring - thanks to the horses which carried all of my bags - beautiful and most interesting, particularly thanks to the people you helped me meet in Merak and Sakteng villages.

The guide, who was very present at all times, helped me understand Bhutan, both the people and their way of life and Buddhism and the temples we visited.

I must also thank you for having accepted to adapt this trip to my 3 days arrival delay. Additionally, the transportation in your car was really comfortable.

I will sure push all my friends to go to Bhutan, particularly in the Sakteng area, and recommend Bhutan Green Travel.

Best regards,
Alex Merametdjian, Paris, France

Incredible Destination

I can’t say I was surprised but I definitely didn’t expect that much! Bhutan is an incredible destination, a haven in the midst of the madness. The sights are fantastic, Thimphu is probably the nicest national capital I’ve ever been to and people look truly happy, it’s not just marketing! As for the organization of my tour I couldn’t be happier than I am with Bhutan Green Travel. The guys were of an infinite patience and professionalism that I wish there were everywhere else in the world. I will make sure will refer the company as often as I can. The hotels, the food, everything went great and the guides Kota and Galey were beyond fabulous. I want to come back already!

Cheers you guys,
Marcos Mendonca, Seattle, USA

Efficient Tour Operator

Bhutan Green Travel has been a pleasure to deal with. Our trip was organized efficiently and with much thought.

Our guides Chekey and Kota were informative, very helpful, goods coming and above all much fan.

I highly recommend Bhutan Green Travel and our guides Chekey and Kota.

Barbara Ann, London, England, UK

Great Tour

Apart from having a great tour of beautiful and inspiring Bhutan I loved the personalities of Chekey and Kota. We had such a good time and many laughs.

Many thanks.

All good wishes

Lyn Ragg, Hertfordshire, England, UK

P.S. Carry on your good work

Bhutan Really is Another World: A True Shangri-La

We would like to thank Chekey Gyeltshen for organising such a wonderful holiday for us and for the care and attention you paid to make sure we got the most from the experience. The standard of accommodation was a pleasant surprise - generally a lot higher than we expected - and you made sure we had lots of opportunities to try different Bhutanese food and drink. We really appreciated the extra little touches, such as lending us the gho and kira to wear at the festival and we felt privileged to meet your lovely family and visit your grandmother's home.

And we can't forget Ugen! He was a brilliant driver and we always felt very safe with him, even when the road conditions on the way to Punakha and Gangtey were terrible in the rain. Like you Ugen was very attentive and you both looked after me so well when my slippy trainers threatened disaster in the mud coming down from the Tiger's Nest.

Bhutan really is another world, a true Shangri La. We loved the experience and will certainly book with you when we visit again.

Kind regards
Anne and George, England, UK